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A place for fans of Godric/Eric to share fic, art, discussion, info
Welcome to GodricEric
A community dedicated to the vampire Godric and his progeny Eric Northman
Could you be a companion of Death? Could you walk with me through the world...through the dark? I'll teach you all I know. I'll be your father, your brother, your son.

What’s in it for me?

What you love most: Life.


Godric, don't do it.

There are centuries of faith and love between us.

Please, please. Please, Godric.

Father, brother, son. Let me go.

I won't let you die alone.

Yes you will. As your Maker, I command you.


  • Be respectful. If you flame or bash any member, an actor or the show, you will be banned.
  • No one's canon is more right than another's. There's so much about this pair we don't know and we're having the best time giving them a past. Be aware that some members might choose not to use the comics or TBWiki or even all the events in the TV series as gospel.
  • Remember to tag your post. If there’s no suitable tag, shout at us and we’ll make you one.
  • We are a kink-friendly zone, and we welcome any medium. Please keep everything clearly labelled/warned to avoid triggering.
  • Although many of us have gobbled up everything G/E-related, not everyone will have watched every episode of True Blood. It's probably a good idea to label anything with SPOILERS for Seasons 2-5. News about future developments (if they are relevant) must be labelled and put behind an lj-cut. If you are unclear how to do this, check out this page.
  • Members are encouraged to post as many icons and graphics as they want. However if you are posting more than three pictures/large pictures, please place behind a cut.
  • Please do not ask for torrents. They are illegal and could get the community banned from LJ.
  • We grudgingly acknowledge the existence of Nora Gainesborough, and of course, she might pop up in fanworks, but our focus is on Godric and Eric.
  • Community promotions and affiliations are allowed as long as the community pertains to Eric, Godric, Allan Hyde, Alexander Skarsgård or True Blood/The Southern Vampire Mysteries. If you would like us to affiliate with you, just PM the mods!
  • Most importantly, have fun!


Here's an example of a typical fic header for use. At the very least, please include a rating, approximate word count and any applicable warnings.

Please use applicable tags.

Other fanworks such as art, icons, vids, mixes and podfic should be similarly labelled with at least ratings and warnings (if applicable).

LJ allows photos and other media to uploaded with just a touch of a button at the top of the posting screen (little pic and camera icons). These format the art/media/links precisely, although the size of the picture/media can be adjusted, if necessary. We ask that you use these when posting, as anything running over the posting area cannot be seen on many screens and on most mobile devices. If you’re unsure how to use these short-cuts, please either shout at us, or check out this from livejournal.
All fanworks are based on characters and situations created by Charlaine Harris and developed by Alan Ball & HBO. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. Profile layout by tessisamess. Journal layout by milou_veronica.

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